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National Council of Science Museums

Ministry of culture, Government of India

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Who's Who

Who's who

Sl.No. Name of the officer / staff Designation
1 Shri Venkata Durga Prasad K. Project Co-ordinator
2 Mrs. Shubhada V. Pednekar Education Assistant 'B'
3 Mrs. Sampada G Parab Education Assistant 'A'
4 Shri Robin Scaria Technician 'C'
5 Shri M.Kabir Yunus Technician 'C'
6 Shri Vinod Arjun Misal Technician 'B'
7 Shri V.H. Bandi Technician 'B'
8 Shri Vivek V. Parab Technician 'B'
9 Shri Elvis J D'Souza Office Assistant Gr.II
10 Mrs. Urvi A. Desai Office Assistant Gr.III
11 Shri Pravin A Parab Office Assistant Gr.III
12 Shri B.H. Redkar Driver Spl. Gr.
13 Shri Sunil A. Parab Driver Grade-II